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Scheduling Your Day: Most Important Thing First?

Personally, I am most wide awake, energetic, and focused early in the morning. Except my morning hours are usually sucked away by reading email, putting out fires, and being in meetings. Once I realized I was wasting these beautifully productive hours in things that did not require my absolute full attention, I started blocking offRead… Read more »

The Day I Shook President Obama’s Hand

Early this morning I shook Justin Bieber’s President Obama’s hand. Haha – that one’s for you birthday-GovLoop-Steve! On a serious note, this morning I had the amazing honor and good fortune to walk onto the White House South Lawn alongside my wonderful, bad-ass friend Heather Coleman. The event was a state visit by the RepublicRead… Read more »

New Facebook Page Insights Available Now

Facebook Page Insights are now available to page owners. This is a significant improvement from the previous insights capability with lots of opportunity to dive into more granular data, learn more about what your audience wants, host better conversations, and reach more fans. Here’s a fantastic guide for users just getting started. The guide coversRead… Read more »

Are You Really Making Progress?

Last night I was standing in the security line at the airport. I leaned over for 30 seconds to reorganize something in my bag and when I stood up the line in front of me had moved up about 5 feet. I turned around and the woman behind me glared – “move up already ready!”Read… Read more »


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What Type of Online Sharer Are You?

The New York Times Insight Group recently came out with this really fascinating research on the Psychology of Sharing. Lots of super interesting stuff here, but one section that really interested me are these 6 personas of sharers: The New York Times study found there are six sharing personas for online fans. Understanding these differentRead… Read more »