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Biggest Online Community Killer

Ever wondered what the biggest online community killer is? I’ve been looking at communities lately of all shapes and sizes. Is it mean bloggers? Spam? Too controversial? Answer: Not Interesting So…how do you keep things interesting? 5 Ways to Make Your Community Interesting 1. Invite people passionate about your subject. I get kicks talking aboutRead… Read more »

When Technology Makes Life Heavier

Clearly, I am a fan of the internet. I am a passionate and humble servant, all the while giving it my full attention for 14+ hours a day and complimenting it on its majesty, complexity, possibility. It is what brings home the bread, what I call my “bliss,” and largely how I see the worldRead… Read more »

Is Your Agency SMART?

We all know that government agencies are constantly under pressure to make their conversations with constituents measurable, and results-based to justify the investment. One stand-out action the city of New York is doing to keep this at the forefront of importance is driving an advisory board of SMART members (the Social Media Advisory and ResearchRead… Read more »

5 Tips for Keeping Your Work Love-Tank Full

I read the very cheesy, mildly useful book “The Five Love Langauges” a few months ago. The basic premise is 2-fold: 1) everyone can be categorized into 1 of the 5 “love languages,” and 2) we all have a “love tank” that needs to be refilled so we can continute to power down life’s highway.Read… Read more »

Where Were You?

Today is 1 month before 9/11/11. Where were you on this day burned into the hearts of all of us? I was in my American Women Writers 8am class at Boston College…the teacher came in, but didn’t turn on the lights, and we were all immediately excused. Favorite

Are You Guy #3?

Putting yourself out there, feeling uncomfortable, without any assurance or predictable outcome is really hard. But without a guy #3 (watch the video below, specifically around the 1 minute mark), we, as a whole, would never start anything or do anything remarkable. Read this blog post by Seth Godin. To create positive change, someone hasRead… Read more »