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Ask and You May Receive

Recently, I learned about Mike Honda, Congressman, 15th District California and his initiative to “crowdsource” the redesign of his website. As he explains it himself, “the final design will be chosen based on constituent input, design functionality, usability, and other criteria. I believe that this crowd-sourcing initiative will usher in a new era of governmentRead… Read more »

Federal Web 2.0 Virtual Podium Series – Final Webinar of the Series – this Wednesday @1pm EDT!

In case you haven’t heard about the Young AFCEA Bethesda Chapter Federal 2.0 Webinar series, the final webinar to wrap up the series is this Wednesday @1pm EDT! The topic is – Diplomacy in the Information Age — Working Toward Enterprise 2.0 at the State Department Speakers include: * Bruce G. Burton, Senior Advisor, OfficeRead… Read more »

Un-marketing and Gov 2.0

With the wildfire growth of social media tools the buzz out there around any person/institution/company/product/etc is growing. Given this, the promotion ways of the past need to be reexamined. Simply pushing your company/product/institution/self out there without room for feedback, engagement, or participation doesn’t work as well as it did in years past when the publicRead… Read more »

A Fruitbasket of Opportunity

I haven’t heard much of anything good in the news lately – the economy #FAIL, swine flu, Apple raising prices on itunes songs. And I won’t even start on the weather as of late. Last time I checked my zip code was in Washington DC, not Seattle. BUT – being a die-hard half-glass full kindRead… Read more »

FCW’s – Twitter Takes Wing – good read –

Check out this Federal Computer Week article if you missed it! According to the article, some agencies other than NASA using Twitter include: NIH – health related dispatches US Geological Survey – earthquake & tsunmai warnings FDA – updates on food recalls You can find all of this and more on Steve Luncefords’s Twitter directoryRead… Read more »

Good Things Come in Threes

Good things come in threes. Tic-tac-toe, yada, yada, yada, small, medium, large, blah, blah blah, NBC/CBS/ABC. Lately I’ve been thinking about “how best to use Twitter.” In considering this, I start to ponder on the basics of “why tweet?” and other slightly existential topics. When I consider this my mind drifts to conjuring up endlessRead… Read more »

Birds of a Feather Redefined

Before social media, when transparency was considerably less in vogue, aquiring new customers and serving the needs of loyal already existing customers was not an easy feat and there certainly were not many options for conquering this feat. In order to aid this process, marketers formulated methods such as segementation, and even sub-segmentation to narrowRead… Read more »

Twitter as a Focus Group

Imagine, if you will, the packaging on a gallon of Tropicana orange juice. Now…what did you imagine? A ripe orange with droplets of water? And a straw? Most likely is my guess. As you may know, in January of this year, Tropicana had its run in with the scenario Coke faced back in the ’80sRead… Read more »