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Migrating to the Cloud

“The cloud.” It seems like some mysterious location that either floats above us or hangs over our heads, depending on how you look at it. What is the cloud? What are the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to cloud-based solutions? People refer to the cloud as if you should be able to find it viaRead… Read more »

Why Government Uses Open Bid Processes

For most purchasing professionals in the public sector, solicitations and open bid processes are “just the way things have always been done.” Open solicitations are a way for governments to protect themselves, ensure transparency, show good stewardship of public funds and give the best value for monies spent. There is also a trickle-up benefit toRead… Read more »

A Hidden Benefit of Cooperative Purchasing

There has been a lot of discussion about how cooperative purchasing and co-ops help the public sector save time and money. One little known advantage of purchasing through a co-op is vendor and contract management. Well-run cooperative purchasing organizations are active in managing contracts and vendor performance. “We are seeing our members making contract andRead… Read more »