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Why Government Uses Open Bid Processes

For most purchasing professionals in the public sector, solicitations and open bid processes are “just the way things have always been done.” Open solicitations are a way for governments to protect themselves, ensure transparency, show good stewardship of public funds and give the best value for monies spent. There is also a trickle-up benefit toRead… Read more »

4 Sure Ways to Lose a Government Bid – What NOT to Do When Bidding on Government Contracts

Preparing for and writing a bid proposal can be a long and stressful time for many business owners looking to enter the world of government contracting. With so many details and usually a several people involved in the process it’s easy to make a mistake or two along the way. Here are is a listRead… Read more »

Government Bids : Finding Successful Federal Bidding Opportunities

The country is coming into a restoration stage and it has been expected that the next few years could possibly to experience significant amounts of govt investing and stimulation agreements. This is great information for companies across the country. Major sectors such as security, development the surroundings and technological innovation are quite possibly the mostRead… Read more »

Tips on Bidding for State and Local Government Contracts!

State Government Bids and RFPs are very tough to find. Contrary to the government bodies, that performs most investing in via GSA schedules, state and local bids can be found in an exceedingly nice range of sources throughout the net — on government websites, structure pages, third party contracted web-sites, and newspaper postings. What toRead… Read more »

The Alternative Bid – Dillemma or not?

An interesting article from a construction industry magazine is quoted below. It’s a tricky subject for govenment agencies. As a consultant who provides software solutions to manage these types of public bid issues, i’m interested in your experience and opinion with this issue. Thanks. ———————-article—————————- Alternative Bidding: Wise Budget Management or Manipulation? Alternative bidding isRead… Read more »

Tip 1 of the top 10 tips for winning government contracts – part 1

It was a gorgeous weekend here in the Metro Washington, DC area. We had a house full of kids hunting for Easter eggs, with adults eating traditional Uzbek rice pilaf and Russian kulichis (an Easter pastry that looks and tastes like Panetini that you see in grocery stores around Thanksgiving time). Yumm. It was aRead… Read more »

Tip 1 for Winning Government Contracts: Understand the full gamut of federal market opportunities and where your business could benefit from these. PART 2.

This is the third blog in the series of 10 tips for winning government contracts and growing in the federal market. You can see the previous post here. Point 2. Because of the market size and a smorgasbord of opportunities, you have to make an extra effort to keep yourself focused, or you will wasteRead… Read more »