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Lessons from Jill Abramson’s Departure

The firing of Jill Abramson, former executive editor for the New York Times, is still making headlines a week later mainly because she is a female executive who might have been ousted for being pushy and brusque. She also may have gotten a bad rap for questioning why her compensation was less than her maleRead… Read more »

Three Social Media Lessons for the Public Sector from the Newspaper Industry

I started my career in newspapers – first as a reporter and then later as managing editor for the Newspaper Association of America – and then, after the newspaper industry imploded, I moved onto government contracting, helping agencies with their outreach and communications functions. The dramatic marketplace changes that the newspaper industry faced in theRead… Read more »

Marketing Isn’t a Bad Word

Reading Alan Pentz‘s recent blog post about the federal government and social media got me thinking about the federal government and marketing, in general. The government tends to shy away of the idea of “marketing” because it equates it with selling a product but marketing is about more than hawking wares. Marketing is also aboutRead… Read more »

Shutting Down the Government in a 24/7 World

Shutting down the federal government in a 24/7 world isn’t easy. During the last government shutdown in 1995, the Internet wasn’t yet mainstream. That didn’t happen until 1999, so workers weren’t wired to check and respond to email from anywhere, anytime. Government workers didn’t work remotely in 1995. The Telecommute Enhancement Act of 2010 hasRead… Read more »