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Why the Government should take an interest in Pinterest

You may have heard people talking about the hottest thing in social media, Pinterest. For those not aware of what Pinterest is, it’s a “Pin-Board” styled social photo sharing website. The site allows you to create and manage theme-based image and video collections. Popular topics include recipes, fashion, celebrities, animals, design and nature. The wayRead… Read more »

Changes to Facebook great for government

Tomorrow, Facebook will host their “f8” developer conference. It’s rumored that Facebook will roll out some new features that could be very beneficial for government. If reports are accurate, Facebook will release “read,” “listened,” “watched,” and “want” to supplement their hugely popular “like” button. Obviously, Facebook wants to use this information to provide more opportunitiesRead… Read more »

Top 5 things I learned from the biggest tech conference in the US.

Over the past week I attended a conference called Dreamforce 2011. Dreamforce played host to 45,000 people, all of whom are interested in running applications in the cloud. Since GovDelivery (where I work)has been all about cloud computing for over a decade, they were speaking my language! There were plenty of big name speakers likeRead… Read more »