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Government officials, politicians address the Class of 2011

Originally posted on BeltWiki Blog from Universities take great care to land big-name commencement speakers. A celebrity, CEO or high-ranking public official can mean press exposure for the school, and graduates are more likely to suck up the “celebration sickness” that tends to spread in mid-May for the opportunity to shake hands with someoneRead… Read more »

WhoRunsGov has Issues – and We Need More of Them.

From BeltWiki Blog on Readers sometimes know exactly who they are looking for when they come to WhoRunsGov. Other times, they arrive on the site with questions about who holds a title, is on a Congressional committee, runs a certain office or has jurisdiction over and knowledge about a particular policy area. Our siteRead… Read more »

Who to know – Mother’s Day edition

From BeltWiki Blog on WhoRunsGov by The Washington Post If you have not sent your a Mother’s Day gift, there is still time (barely). But you deserve to get hit with those Saturday shipping fees. Didn’t mom always warn you about procrastinating? Because WhoRunsGov profiles are reserved for the most powerful policy makers in theRead… Read more »