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Social media: Conversations vs. Conversions

There was an interesting post on GovLoop about the why of social media. The post boiled social media success down to conversations. Social media is viewed here as another channel to reach people. Under such a regime, traffic becomes a focus. “How many people are using these tools?” The focus is on providing information toRead… Read more »

Are you letting your citizens dribble?

Imagine the old marketing as a game of basketball, but your customers are in the stands watching the game. New marketing is all about bringing them into the game. How are you bringing your customers into the game? Are you giving them a chance to express themselves? Are you allowing them to add to orRead… Read more »

You can’t afford to do your job

I have a completely different way of thinking from my fellow public servants about career development. Their way of thinking is I am going to sit in this job for as long as possible, obtain civil service protections, and maybe move up the ranks in responsibilities. This can take years. It’s the old way ofRead… Read more »

Social media isn’t your job

You, the government marketer, are no longer the organization’s lead communicator. I was asked by my planner colleagues, “Where’s your blog?” Well, I don’t have a blog (other than this one). One of them pointed out rather correctly that my job was to be a “social media enabler”. I like that term. So you’re aRead… Read more »