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Mil to Fed: Update your Veteran status

It’s springtime! Time to refresh and rejuvenate your Veteran status! You may not be recognized for your service to your country if you have an incorrect Veteran Status. If you are not sure, check with your employment or personnel office to make sure you have the status you’ve earned. There are four different types ofRead… Read more »

Mil to Fed: Where’s Star? Not with Waldo!

On Wednesday January 18th the Department of Veterans Affairs will host an all-day outreach event at the Washington, DC Convention Center. If you’re a Veteran living in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware or West Virginia, I hope to see you at this informative FREE event. Please contact your local Department of Veterans Affairs forRead… Read more »

Mil to Fed: Greetings Govies

My name is Star Smith and I am the newly appointed Veterans Employment Program Manager for the Department of the Treasury. As you may know, Ernie Beltz, Jr – the creator of this blog – recently left Treasury. I look forward to continuing his work promoting employment opportunities for veterans and sharing information regarding veterans’Read… Read more »