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Corporate Knowledge Management Applied to Online Customer Engagement

There’s certainly no shortage of stories regarding customer engagement and social media interactivity by many businesses on the Internet, especially when responding to negative feedback and proactively shaping the amplified, echo-chamber public dialogue that follows. PR and marketing staff may be tuned to trending commentary through “social listening” tools, search engine alerts and direct monitoringRead… Read more »

Digital Asset ROI for the Entire IT Enterprise – Analytics Aren’t Just For Websites

The use of website analytics and reporting software isn’t new to most website owners. Tracking and analyzing the usage of your website by people and search engine ‘bots are obviously essential activities for validating your investment. Typical metrics tracked include number of visits by various user types, number of downloads or access to particular content,Read… Read more »

Online, Interactive Digital Engagement Governance – a.k.a. Approaching Social Media Governance as a Method

This will be the first in an ongoing set of entries about Interactive Digital Engagement Governance. Contact me or Navigation Arts in McLean, VA for more information, or for ideas regarding planning and implementing such a methodology at your organization. The concept of governance isn’t new at all to organizations building websites, whether inside (asRead… Read more »

Getting Social with

Yesterday’s Loudoun Economic Development Commission, Membership and Business Retention Committee (MBRC) meeting officially earned Loudoun, its residents and businesses their “Gov 2.0 street cred” on the Internet. An official Department of Economic Development (DED) strategy, roles and supporting cast are in place, the SEO and website analytics are turned on, the chicklets are published, aRead… Read more »

Is My Employer Practicing Web 2.0 or Government 2.0? How Can I Help?

As an employee (commerical or public service), it can be really invigorating to discover that your employer is a trend-setting (or following) participant in Web 2.0 practices. Your employer may actually market this, its “Web 2.0 expertise”. This seems to suggest your employer is current, relevant, amenable to open standards generated by a global communityRead… Read more »

Game On! Loudoun Economic Development Committee: New Social Media Subcommittee

The initial planning session was held yesterday at the Loudoun National Conference Center for the new Loudoun-centric “Social Media Subcommittee”, an initiative of the Loudoun Economic Development Commission’s “Marketing and Business Retention” Committee. (Announced here at Gateway to Loudoun) This public/private grassroots initiative will focus on engaging the Loudoun economic development stakeholders on the Internet,Read… Read more »

Social Media Simulation and Training Environments – Internet Media Testing

All well-known systems engineering methodologies and enterprise system development programs leverage testing environments. Testing environments can be built and operated for very different purposes, ranging from prototyping and simulation, to pre-production load testing and usability or “Section 508 Accessibility” checks. Specialized SOA testing frameworks are sometimes required, for difficult infrastructure integration challenges. Most major systemsRead… Read more »

Great DHS SOA/ESB/NIEM Topic to Follow at the Upcoming NIEM Training Event

Look for this very important NIEM topic at the upcoming NIEM Training event: “Implementing NIEM as a Canonical Model for Information Sharing at DHS/USCIS”. This presentation will be given by Hector Alicea, HLA & Associates, LLC ( ) on behalf of DHS USCIS… From the NIEM Training Event agenda ( ): “This presentationRead… Read more »

Initiating a Corporate Social Media Presence – Unleash Your Inner Star Power

Social Media’s a scary animal, especially for companies or organizations that are accountable to stakeholders, policy, law or any other governing entity that exists to mitigate risk. Also, social media is an online collaboration channel and tools domain that’s most appropriately and effectively utilized by humans, i.e. individual personalities (preferably employees) – vs. corporate personasRead… Read more »