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California: Budget or I.O.U.s? The clock is ticking…

CA Controller John Chiang is giving us a dire warning. Balance the budget in this next week or July 2, California pays its bills via I.O.U. See article link: Are our legislators and Gov. Schwarzenegger listening? Can we get past the political posturing and make some tough budget compromises to save our state beforeRead… Read more »

I Am Back in the Saddle Again (So to Speak…)

After discovering GovLoop and the its wonderful, inspiring members, I experienced a series of personal and professional challenges that have prevented me from participating in the lively discussions that attracted me here. I am still adjusting to some of what has happened to me, but I anticipate I will be actively participating in no time.Read… Read more »

California Lagging in College Graduation

This is a disturbing trend. Whenever, I get a chance I encourage those I meet and know to obtain higher education, as well as maintain and upgrade their skills. Also, I try to encourage my friends and their kids to think ahead to university and vocational education. High school graduation should just be the beginningRead… Read more »

Government Job Prospects in the Current Economy…. Thoughts and Concerns

Hello … Some of my classmates and I had a discussion over lunch today about job prospects for MPA graduates in the next 12-18 months. Those of us that are not currently in the full-time work force would be by that time. As a someone currently working for the great (not so great budget) StateRead… Read more »