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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

Stocks fell for the third consecutive week with news headlines and the yield curve in the drivers seat. Stock indices began the week down before news of a delay on the tariffs promised by the Trump Administration gave instant life to buyers who left when the tariffs were first announced. The good times were shortRead… Read more »

Cyber Security Sales Opportunities Take Front Stage

by Stephanie Sullivan, Consultant Agencies recognize that software vendors are the experts in the cyber security field, and they’re virtually begging for stakeholder engagement, so it’s really becoming more and more important to involve yourself in building out requirements, and to meet those voluntary but critical security needs. Dr. Ron Ross, Senior Computer Scientist andRead… Read more »

More Event Cancellations + Something to Share with the Corporate Office

by Allan Rubin, Vice President, Marketing First, here’s some news on continued government event cancellations. Word on the street is thatGFIRST 2013 will not take place this year “due to all of the budgetary/travel restrictions.” Scheduled from August 25 to 30, the Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (GFIRST) “is a group ofRead… Read more »

Developing your Sales Channels in the State and Local Market

by Skip Liesegang, Vice President, Partners, Programs, and Alliances. What’s the best way to reach the state and local government market? Yes, this market is filled with opportunity, but it’s also filled with challenges due to its geographic diversity and unique procurement rules. A few key things to keep in mind while targeting this market:Read… Read more »

Business Watch: One Chinese Company Dominating the Online Markets

For many years now, China has been known for its advancements — and investment — in technology. It’s no surprise Internet marketing is a rapidly growing field in the country. In fact, it’s growing so quickly there are not enough trained professionals to fill the available jobs. Baidu, a Chinese-based Web company, identified this deficitRead… Read more »

Mapping a Customer’s Journey: An Exercise to Benefit Any Business Selling to Government

As the D.C. business community is dealing with many challenges these days, it is always good to keep all of your customer service capabilities as sharp as possible. With fewer dollars to chase, the competition is getting very stiff and contractors need to embrace new ideas for keeping government customers happy. I recently had theRead… Read more »

Incumbent Contractors: Never Assume Success When Re-Competing

here was a time when incumbent contractors had the luxury of assuming they would win a re-compete. This mindset was often founded upon the organic, year-over-year growth that had become common over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, contractors no longer have the luxury of basing their business development strategies on assumptions. Just because a governmentRead… Read more »

GAO Report Signals Opportunity for Contractors in Agile Software Development

Applying agile software development methods to IT projects has been a hot topic as of late at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The agency recently unveiled a report highlighting its 32 tips for applying agile development to help improve how the federal government will develop and implement IT infrastructure projects. Specifically, these tips focus onRead… Read more »