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Bill Bratton and Zach Tumin: The New “Collabonomics” of Disaster Management

Last week’s New England snowmeggadon showed us how far social media has come in making collaboration across the boundaries of government and citizens easy. And it offered stark contrast between those who get it and use it, and those who don’t. Social media and the digital devices that connect us change the collabonomics of disasterRead… Read more »

Civil Protection 2.0 – More from Elena Rapisardi in Tuscany

Some of you will remember an earlier blog post about the webconference that Elena Rapisardi and I convened, in January, 2010, among people in Virginia, New Orleans, Boston, Italy (University of Ferrara campus) and in Dublin, with the generous assistance of Management Concepts staff. Elena, a member of the GovLoop community, continues her groundbreaking effortsRead… Read more »

Open Foreste Italiane is Gathering Momentum

Wow – there is a great new article on Ushahidi’s blog about an application I told you all about recently, which encourages crowdsourcing to stop Italian forest fires before they start. This has huge potential to increase community resilience and assist current firespotting efforts in a nonintrusive way. A lovely video by Elena Rapisardi, theRead… Read more »

Crowdsourcing: gathering information to support forest fire fighting

Elena Rapisardi, a new friend who contracts with, and does innovative volunteer work for, various parts of the Italian government, has reported out on an interesting meeting here. I bring this up because we don’t always notice when new ground is being broken and new fuel is being provided for our own further development andRead… Read more »

Crowdsourcing: gathering information to support forest fire fightings

On the 29 of March, in Rome, an interesting workshop took place, organized by AIIC (Italian Association on Critical Infrastructures – workshop was attended by experts, corporates and national research centres representatives. The aim was to share projects, thoughts, approaches and solutions on how to manage the safety and security of critical infrastructures. TheRead… Read more »

A challenger to the Webbies?

Image by jdlasica via Flickr The immensely influential Arianna Huffington has decided to launch her own version of the 12 year old Webbys Awards (which are kindof like the web’s answer to the Oscars, complete with star-studded red carpet). The HuffPost Game Changers awards [are] to honor and celebrate 100 people who are using newRead… Read more »