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More From the Government Man – What You See (and Hear) is Not Always What You Get

Today’s blog is a little less on humor and more on commentary. Consider it a primer for interpreting some of the political fluff the public will be subject to in this election year. Those who have read my book, Confessions of a Government Man, or listened to my meanderings, know that I have an absoluteRead… Read more »

Give the Gift of the Government Man

First, a brief commercial. At he risk of being accused of blowing my own horn, my book, Confessions of a Government Man, would be an ideal gift for any govie, past present and future. Check out my website for more information. Now, for today’s blog. This excerpt from the book is about another ofRead… Read more »

The Government Man Gives a Negotiating Lesson

In my book, Confessions of a Government Man, I offer some tongue-in-cheek negotiating advice. My chapter on negotiating is appropriately called, The Sport of Negotiating, not only because negotiating is a sport to some, but because I draw many lessons from the sporting world. In one of my career assignments with GSA I headed aRead… Read more »

The Government Man Reflects on 9/11

During these days prior to the tenth anniversary of the worst day in the history of this country the Government Man will dispense with the usual satire and comedy. Poking fun at what people take seriously is something I enjoy doing but there is nothing funny about 9/11. Since it has become fashionable to trashRead… Read more »

The Government Man and the Samplehog

My last blog was uncharacteristic of me. I’m more comfortable telling tall tales than doing political commentary but the extraordinary events surrounding the debt ceiling crisis put me over the edge. This week I revert back to the tales. Some of you might have noticed in prior blogs and commentaries just a hint of disdainRead… Read more »

The Government Man – Where You Sit is Where You Stand – Part Two

Here is another tale from Confessions of a Government Man about what can happen when people insist on doing things exactly by the book (“Where you sit is where you stand.”). Remember, while these stories I have been posting are based on real events, I am passing them along for their entertainment value. * *Read… Read more »