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Is Our Illustrious Congress Trying to Bury A Smoking Gun…..Again?

“The Government Man” has been quiet lately but an obscure news release over the weekend pushed my buttons again about one of my favorite topics, our ineffective and morally lacking Congress. Buried in the news on a Saturday before New Year’s weekend, the slowest media day of the week, if not the year, was aRead… Read more »

The Government Man Talks About GSA’s Response to Hurricane Sandy

I have been using this blog as a forum for satirical commentary concerning some elected officials and certain components of my former lifetime employer, GSA. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no humor to be found in discussing Hurricane Sandy, one of the great disasters of a lifetime. In the last year GSA has been in theRead… Read more »

The Goverment Man Talks About the GSA Scandal (Again) and the Inspector General – Some Fun Stuff

My last few blogs departed from the fun stuff from Confessions and shifted to some caustic commentary about the GSA scandal with just a few barbs pointed at the Office of the Inspector General. My You Tube videos did the same. Given the recent well-publicized and hard to justify midnight raid on someone’s hotel room,Read… Read more »

The Government Man – Some (Hopefully) Final Words About the GSA Ex-Scandal

The Government Man has been pretty quiet lately, save for an occasional blog or You Tube posting. The GSA scandal has been long out of the news. My insiders tell me that GSA has taken disciplinary action against those implicated in the alleged wrongdoing. As I said before, I am not attempting to defend thoseRead… Read more »

The Government Man is Back – What ever happened to the GSA scandal?

My blog posts on the GSA so-called scandal and my first You Tube posting received plenty of attention so I figured I would follow it up with more good cheer. I hope my message got across and reason is starting to prevail. What happened to the GSA scandal? It’s barely in the news anymore –Read… Read more »

The Government Man Discusses the GSA Scandal – Part Three

The media frenzy over the peccadillos of a few GSA people has quieted a bit, thanks to the Secret Service scandal. The issue, of course, will be a political battle of grandstanding for a while. It’s easier for the committees to relate to the cost of Beef Wellington and Monte Cristo sandwiches than the nationalRead… Read more »

The Government Man Discusses the GSA Scandal – Part Two

Well, I must admit that I took a bit of heat for my initial post on this subject. My general position stands although much more has surfaced in the last week and this gets uglier by the day. I doubt whether anyone initially expected this to go viral. I’ll repeat in no uncertain terms thatRead… Read more »