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Complex or Complicated Solutions – a eGov issue

This started with my preparing a plenary keynote for the World Congress of IT, or WCIT, due to be delivered on the 25th May. The theme calls for a new partnership between Government and Business in terms of the provisioning and use of technology in the creation of the emerging society we see today.Read… Read more »

A fundemental problem in introducing new technology and business change

On my Capgemini Blog someone posted a very insightful comment recently; “If you are a carpenter with a traditional saw and you buy a motor powered bench saw (new technology) then you had better change the way you work because lifting up the new bench saw and taking it to the wood certainly isn’tRead… Read more »

Its not just about technology – its also very much about organisational structure

If you are a long serving computing practitioner who has been through mainframes in data centres to mini computers in departmental computing and then to PC Networks and IT you might just recall hearing about Conway’s Law. Well its coming back again as we move into Clouds! Melvin Conway thesis that gave birth toRead… Read more »

Its government for people – not computers!

Back around year 1990 I remember my amazement at learning that Iceland had the largest router network at around 50 routers of any European business or government. There was a pretty sensible explanation around the low density of the population and the realisation that a step change in the country’s economy as well as socialRead… Read more »

Social Networks; from knowledge Management to Knowing

Its an interesting point as to whether any organisation of size can function with out both ‘Business Intelligence’ meaning reporting on how well it is succeeding against the operational measures it has set itself, and its Knowledge Management system as its reference base of experience gained. However both are also strongly internally focussed and makeRead… Read more »