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Web 2.0 + Clouds = Business Network Transformation & Joined Up Government

I remember writing a blog post entitled ‘we want Web 2.0, whatever that is’ a couple of years back drawing attention to the challenge of hype in connection with the new technologies and their capabilities as laid out by Tim O’Reilly in his original definition of Web 2.0. My plea was to understand theRead… Read more »

Collaborative Working Techniques; are we practising what we preach?

In the industry we like to talk about the transformational potential of the technologies with which we work and the profound way in which they impact individuals the economy and society. When you look at our own practices do we always live up to this challenge ourselves? One area that has intrigued me is theRead… Read more »

Trust and Transparency through Standards a look at the external business world

By necessity most business activities at the process level have been remote and opaque from both the customers, and all too often, from those involved too. I use the phrase necessity to cover two very different aspects; commercial advantage, the benefit obtained from having and applying unique knowledge; as distinct from the operational limitations imposedRead… Read more »

Organising by Value or for Events but not around Resources or Functions

As we move steadily into understanding that Technologies of Web 2.0, and some others are going to have a profound impact on ‘how’ we are all working and managing there is beginning to be more and more material around on business architecture the noble art of understanding how a business is organised in termsRead… Read more »