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What “The Intern” Teaches Us About Followership

There so much focus on developing leaders that the role of followers is often under-valued and neglected. “Followership” refers to a role held by certain individuals in an organization, team, or group. Specifically, it is the capacity of an individual to actively follow a leader. Followership is the reciprocal social process of leadership. While leaders… Read more »

A Baby Boomer’s Advice to New Employees

After years of hiring freezes and budget cuts, we have been able to finally back-fill behind people who have retired years ago.  And with work load increasing, and a decent budget, we are also able to hire some “entry level” positions to off-set our aging workforce.  Often, our job openings are filled by others fromRead… Read more »

The Root of Low Morale is Low Trust

In my camaraderie series, I discussed declining camaraderie in my office, some of the reasons for the decline, and ideas to bring camaraderie back into the workplace.  But what if these events are already available, and workers choose to not participate? This is a symptom of low morale.  If your office suffers from low morale, it willRead… Read more »

Restoring Workplace Camaraderie – Part 3 of 3

Camaraderie is declining, but what can we do about it?  Workload and regulations are beyond our control, so we may need to find ways to bring back a sense of the “good old days” within our current constraints. While we can’t turn back the clock, there may be ways to improve workplace socializing. Is this possible?  KeepRead… Read more »

The Decline of Workplace Camaraderie – Part 1 of 3

Looking back through almost 25 years of federal employment, I’ve seen a noticeable decline in workplace camaraderie and socializing within my organization. I’m not the only one seeing this; others have noticed this trend as well.   I sent out a survey to a few retirees and long-term co-workers in an attempt to coarsely gage any trends acrossRead… Read more »