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Do You Have an API Economy?

APIs have been around a long time. Not sure what an API is? The Next Web is worth reading on this… As ever Wikipedia has a good answer: ‘In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each other.’ Sounds straight forward, or is it? Of course asRead… Read more »

Accellion is the #1 choice of IT and Security professionals for enterprise file sharing and sync

Download Free Gartner MarketScope Report: Accellion, Inc., has received the highest rating possible, a “Strong Positive” in the Gartner MarketScope for “Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing based on evaluation of the Accellion Secure Mobile File sharing solution.” The Gartner MarketScope notes that “enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) offerings enable productivity and collaboration for mobileRead… Read more »

Publishing Government Data That Developers Will Actually Use

Despite increasing public support (as well as a number of executive mandates) publishing public data in a machine-readable format is not as simple as pressing the “publish” button. Why? Equally important as exposing the information itself is fostering a vibrant developer ecosystem around it. By making the publishing agency, not the public, responsible for makingRead… Read more »

Two More Nails in the Government-wide Portal’s Coffin

Great blog from Andrea DiMaio of Gartner – Why gov’t-wide portals have a bleak future: leaner, more Agile Agency portals can solve the same probs, evolve with the new technology, & make more sense in today’s world of new/social media. Your thoughts? “Should we stop caring about the user interface, which has been suckingRead… Read more »