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Run Fast for Your Money… and Storage

As we prepare for GovLoop’s Second Annual State and Local Innovators Virtual Summit, we are posting blogs about many of the sessions and some of the tips and best practices are experts will share. The summit is September 16th from 10AM-5PM ET and free for everyone — make sure to register here! You’ve heard it many times before:Read… Read more »

Esri is Now Adding “Health Guru“ To Its Diverse Resume

Thanks to Esri and their famous GIS platform the state of Virginia and retailer Walgreens are now contributing to the health of their communities. If you weren’t already impressed with the location-based system that lets you discover, connect, share, and apply data for community intervention efforts, wait until you read how ArcGIS helped to createRead… Read more »

Proximity-to-Care: Mapping to Maintain Health and Well-being

Geographic information system (GIS) is back – and we’re not just talking about maps this time. We’re talking about a tool that creates a new vision of health improvements – a data-driven way to visualize and understand the large volumes of data and the allocation of resources needed for healthy communities. So yes, maybe we’reRead… Read more »

How To Build A Pleasantville-like Community With ArcGIS

In Pleasantville, the streets are clean and happy, vibrant individuals populate the city and nothing bad ever happens. But as GovLoop moderator Emily Jarvis said in our recent online training, Making Business Happen: ArcGIS for Economic Development, “Dreaming of Pleasantville and building it are entirely two different things.” Jarvis then went on to note aRead… Read more »

Oh, The Places You’ll Go With Position Classification

What is a classifier? Though defined as a person or thing that classifies something, those with extensive experience in the field of federal human capital management characterizes a classifier as the center-piece of every agency. Didn’t think you would need a classifier at the deciding table with you before putting a job announcement on theRead… Read more »

How Many Staff Members Does It Take To Create Open Data

Here’s what I imagine your checklist looks like for financial transparency: Outline the city’s priorities? Check. Create a narrative, visualization tool for open data? Check. (Or read how-to here.) Generate citizen buy-in? Check. Hire the appropriate amount of staff? …Maybe. In last week’s online training, “How Kansas City Engaged Citizens with Open Data,” live audienceRead… Read more »

DIY: Financial Transparency

“Data can be beautiful, and it should be.” That’s what Julie Steenson, Deputy Performance Officer for the City of Kansas City, described as the inspiration behind the city’s engagement with data and citizens in Wednesday’s online training, “How Kansas City Engaged Citizens with Open Data.” In order to make data accessible to a wide variety ofRead… Read more »