5 Essential Characteristics of a Team Player


Are you a team player? Have you been told you’re lacking team-building skills? Here are five essential characteristics of a team player.

  1. You must be flexible and adaptable to be an effective team player. You must evolve and change to fit the needs of the Agency as the Agency evolves. One thing I have learned from various training opportunities is that the only thing that is constant is change. Embrace it; your attitude determines your aptitude.
  2. You must be dependable and exhibit good judgement.  As an inspector, I am responsible for protecting the public’s health. I have to be “present” to do that. My team has to be certain that my word is my bond. The industry I inspect also has to be assured that I am consistently applying the regulations and not just applying regulatory control because I am having a bad day.
  3. Don’t be that grumpy person. You’ve met them, you might even work with one of them……those people who seem to have a permanent rain cloud over their head. Nothing is good enough for them, they’re always complaining, when they step in the office, EVERYONE clears out because NO ONE wants to be bothered. Don’t be that person! I admit, there are days when it’s hard to encourage myself, but I make an effort to keep a smile on my face. My mother always said “don’t let your grief change your appearance”. No one should be able to see your life’s drama on your face. Stay encouraged!
  4. Understand your team’s purpose, mission or goal. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what’s necessary to continue pushing forward and accomplish your goals.
  5. Meet challenges head-on. You are a results-driven member of the team.

There are other characteristics of being an effective team player such as being competent, a problem solver, committed, competent, and communicative. Are there other characteristics you have identified as essential?

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Lisa Kaylene Powell, DVM

Adrienne, you are so right on. Attitude is a BIG part of being an effective team player. Being open, cooperative, supportive, and positive will contribute to the effectiveness of the team.

Joe Raasch

Hi Adrienne, I’ll be making revisions to mine to team’s Position Descriptions to better incorporate these five important characteristics. Thank you for sharing!