Apple Stock Is On Top

Facebook stock may have plummeted quickly, but that’s not the case for Apple. Anticipation is building for new Apple products out, such as the new iPhone 5 and rumors of an impending Apple TV system. Apple’s stock numbers seem to depend on how many new Apple items are on the market, and how well they are selling.

Apple stock usually takes a dip when there aren’t any new Apple electronics for eager consumers to buy. Stock then begins to see increases when there is talk of new items and then takes a huge upswing when items are unveiled, even before release.

Neverending Success

Since the advent of the iPhone, Apple has been on a winning streak. The company may even pass Microsoft by as the most valuable company ever. Microsoft has held the title since 1999.

Combining the most successful smartphone of all time with talk of an updated iPad has been enough to bring Apple back to the stock market forefront. Consumers are always on the lookout for something new, updated and trendy, so the new iPhone promises to bring Apple much financial and stock market success. If only you had the cash to buy a new iPhone and still afford management software for your company!

The Cost of an Apple Share

Apple stock has been hanging around $665 per share, but with things going the way they have been financial experts predict that Apple stock could reach $1,000 a share in the next couple of years. Already, the stock has risen above Microsoft’s record by nominal value. It’s also worth more than half of Exxon Mobil’s stock, which is the next most valuable company. Maxwell Systems may be more interesting to you than Apple stock, if you’re a tech guy.

Smart investors are buying up shares before the launch of the new iPhone (which is rumored to take place in September), or the unveiling of a smaller, more budget-friendly iPad (a worthy competitor for the most popular small tablet, the Kindle Fire) just in time for the holidays.

New, Fun Gadgets

Apple used to be all about computers, and then the iPod was all the rage. Now the iPhone is sending the company to its all-time success with phenomenal numbers in the stock market and otherwise. What will this new iPhone offer that the previous incarnations didn’t?

Supposedly, the newest iPhone will have a larger screen, which is a new trend in smartphones. Some of the new smartphones almost look like small tablets. The phone might be thinner and weigh less than previous phones. The new iPhone is said to have 4G wireless, which will make surfing a breeze, among other new features. Updated apps such as a new notification center, a custom newsstand and an updated camera promises to make the new iPhone a must have item. Whether the phone ends up attracting new consumers or not, it is sure to be a hit among Apple junkies and help Apple stock keep its place on top, securing Apple a spot in the history books.

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