Astounding that US government is blissfully unaware of Internet of Things & its impact!

The Internet of Things — linking devices ranging from smartphones to cars’ computers to industrial sensors via the same Internet that we use — has been a technical reality since 2008 (more “things” than people are now connected), and by 2015 IBM predicts 1 TRILLION things will be linked. Yet it is impossible to find a single reference to the IoT on the White House web site or in Romney’s economic plan. Contrast that to China, where the premier routinely refers to it in speeches and the government spends billions annually to make it a reality.

Following is an op-ed that I wrote in the last issue of Industry Week, the manufacturing bible, about this shocking oversight and suggesting steps that could be taken rapidly to promote our own nascent IoT industry. I’d be very interested in your comments. You might also want to get up to speed on the IoT by reading my e-book introduction, SmartStuff!

The Internet of Things: Ignored by the Candidates but Not by China

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