Australian Federal Government Announces IT Innovation Council

Today the Hon Kim Carr Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, annouced the 24 members of the new IT Innovation Council.

-quote from media release-

“IT will be the principal means to deliver the economic and productivity growth needed to drive innovation across the entire economy,“ Senator Carr said.

“IT is critical to Australia’s directly employing more than 400,000 Australians.

“Council members have been drawn from across the IT spectrum and include representatives of industry, suppliers, users, education, research, government and unions.

“The breadth and depth of experience on offer in the council will ensure that it delivers on its objective to champion innovation through the use of IT.”

The Government’s National Broadband Network will be vital to delivering this smart technology.

Council Chair, Mr John Grant, Managing Director of Data#3 Pty Ltd said the Council would develop a strategic agenda.

“The Council will have a wide agenda to consider innovation within the IT industry itself plus the application of technology to create innovation across the broader economy. It will apply the Government’s published innovation framework as it works closely with all stakeholders to execute this agenda,” Mr Grant said.

“The IT sector has its own well earned reputation for having an innovative and entrepreneurial culture. Harnessing that talent for the greater benefit of Australian industry will be one of the Council’s greatest opportunities.”

-end quote-

I think this is absolutely brilliant and look forward in particular to the last statement being utilised. To date federal government have gone with a “what we know is safe” approach and have been afraid of innovation. I applaud this step in the right direction and harbour great hopes that innovation and change in IT in goverment become a reality.

On a side note the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research might start with a revamp of their existing web site to make it accessible. It is not accessible in its current form it generates 179 warnings on the homepage alone when an accessibility tool is used on it.

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