Better Blogging: 6 Tips for Being Heard Above the Noise

If you are reading this you are no stranger to blogs. You have probably heard the term more times than you can count, have read more than your fair share, and maybe even have your own online novel collecting “dust” in cyberspace. Even still, the desire to be heard above all the chatter on the web remains. And so here is a blog on blogging.

First, let me address an essential question: why is blogging important?

Blogging can be a tedious process, however the reward of effective blogging significantly outweighs the challenges. A blog can help you:

  • Demonstrate the breadth and depth of your knowledge, expertise, and experience
  • Increase name recognition and exposure
  • Brand you as a team player, committed to a community
  • Build an army of personal brand advocates

All of this is not just to build your personal reputation (although a crucial element of blogging) but it also marks you as a thought leader and has the potential to catapult you to the next level in your desired field.

Now that we have established the benefit of blogging, here are a few tips to ensure you have an effective blog that cultivates genuine conversation, builds advocates, and highlights your expertise.

1. Anticipate Your Audience

Start by asking who you want to reach – then figure out what you want to say. Remember, every connection is a PERSON. The tone of your content should be geared toward the people you expect will read it.

2. Provide Genuine Content

People don’t want fluff, they want to be informed. What you say and how you say it will determine audience engagement. Remember that headlines are the hook and the content reels them in.

3. Don’t Make it Complicated

Simple is better. The key to effective communication is being understood. The more complicated the message, the more room for confusion.

​4. Capitalize on Momentum

The beauty of modern media is the ability for messages to be passed both vertically (directly from you to the reader) and laterally (from reader to reader). This simple process enables messages to go “viral” and builds your army of brand advocates.

5. Always be Improving

The world of blogging is constantly shifting and you cannot be afraid to change with it. Your message and methods should constantly be adapting to be as effective as possible. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

6. Be Conversational

Blogs are a platform for you to share your expertise, but they are not meant to be a manifesto or mandate, separate from the audience. Rather blogs are a vehicle to elicit conversation and engagement as a part of a community while discussing that which you are most passionate about.

These are the things I find most useful when blogging, but I am curious to know…

What is your top blogging tip??

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