Blueprint for Winning Government Contracts for Small Businesses

Join a one-time-only, 12-week, 30-hour webinar starting May 12 that provides a complete system for defining strategy, finding opportunities, marketing, preparing for proposals through masterful capture, writing winning proposals, and winning multimillion dollar contracts to catapult the growth of your small business in the federal market.

Unlike any other course, this webinar series takes you through the entire cycle of business development to launch you into an aggressive growth as a government contractor. It also provides a complete toolset to implement the knowledge: tools, templates, checklists, processes, lists of resources, and examples.

This course is for you if you:

• Have been working for a while in a federal market, but are tired of your company taking too long to grow

• Wonder how others – the insider companies to the federal market – reach 75% and higher win rates while most of the industry averages 33%

• Develop business and write proposals as part of your daily work, but never had proper business development training

• Are new to government contracting

The webinar covers everything from basic to advanced topics. It incorporates both lecture with the instructor explaining the material, and live question and answer sessions for you to apply the material to your own situation. Even the course curriculum itself will give you an insight into how you could streamline your business development efforts. Find out more and register at

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