Makes Public Data More Accessible Through Web Services

You may have heard the terms web service, API, mashup, and dataset. There has been a lot of talk about these because of the recent Open Government Directive (OGD) that the Office of Management and Budget released in December. The directive was in response to President Obama’s call for transparency and open government when he first took office in early 2009. But what does the OGD have to do with web services? And what are they anyway?

To learn more about the ways is working with the SBA to meet the OGD read more…

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Scott Burns

Stuart: This is a really great step! I hope GovDelivery can be helpful in promoting these. Do you know the person who managers the GovDelivery account at SBA? You should make sure to put a note in them in all of your outbound emails and add a subscription topic for “Updates on Data Feeds for Business” to keep people up to date on features and options added. (P.S. GovDelivery couldn’t have made it without our SBA loan back in 2002 so I’m a big fan of anything that and the SBA can do to help other small businesses.)