Can e-Gov be a treatment for Institutional Bigotry?

Changing from country to country as of being directly linked on the culture of the society and doing business, we suffer a lot from the illness that can be defined as Institutional Bigotry. Government institutions hesitate to adopt a new business way or even to work in a new business with another gov institution. And the funny thing is that the main reason is the fear to change the order and also the fear to share information. Both of which totally inconsistent with the nature of internet era so as the e-government as a tool arising from this era. So can we actually use this tool as a treatment for this illness? Can we really make institutions share information among themselves, try to collaborate on new platforms so on new business processes? Can we make government employees to work for government actually instead of working for their own institution alone? Can we see all institutions as a whole really? Is it too much to expect from e-government both in administrative and technical way?

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