Congressman Hoyer’s Twitter account hacked or impersonated during State of the Union?

Take a look at the screenshot below; either Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer was blowing off some serious steam with a string of profanity-laden tweets during last night’s State of the Union address, or the Democratic Whip has had one of his Twitter IDs, @LeaderHoyer, hacked or otherwise compromised.

Twitter’s government liaison Adam Sharp has been made aware of the potential breach and tweeted that the firm is looking into what’s going on the firm has taken down the @LeaderHoyer ID.

Read the full post over at the GovTwit blog (I wish Twitter’s Blackbird feature worked with Ning’s blog posting):

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Steve Lunceford

Well, I thought that at first as well, given @LeaderHoyer was a legit ID created back in 2009; but it *appears* that he changed it this month to @WhipHoyer with the start of the 112.

Then two things happened: he didn’t keep the old @LeaderHoyer ID registered and his web team never changed their Twitter pointer on his website to point to the new ID. That left it open for someone to simply register under the abandoned account and start their fake tweets.