Cost Proposal Strategy for Proposal Managers

Although the government often states that cost is the least important factor in proposal evaluation, and that they buy on best value, statistics show that cost is the deciding factor in more than 90% of the federal contract awards. In other words, cost is incredibly important if you want to win. Proposal managers, however, work very hard on the technical volumes and wield little influence over this all-important volume. The truth is that cost volumes are often developed behind closed doors. Proposal managers often must resort to merely checking when the cost proposal be done, assisting with scheduling a cost volume review, and praying the cost volume team does a good job. While the technical team follows a more or less disciplined process, the cost team often runs ad-hoc and crams everything the last week before submission, patching together boilerplate that is often at odds with the statements made in the technical volume.

Cost Proposal Strategy for Proposal Managers class by OST Global Solutions (March 23, 2011, N. Bethesda, MD) offers indispensable knowledge on what a proposal manager who does not have a financial background can do to manage the cost volume effectively to maximize the win probability. It demystifies and breaks down everything from cost volume basics to process, data calls, assumptions, cost volume narrative, WBS, BOEs, and cost strategies. This course offers proposal managers the necessary skills to:
• Infuse process into the cost volume development
• Effectively direct the joint technical and cost proposal teams’ work in tweaking the solution to make price adjustments and developing such items as assumptions, WBS, and BOEs
• Apply effective strategies to arrive at the price-to-win
• Avoid the biggest cost volume mistakes that could make a difference between winning and losing.

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