Councils using open data to encourage channel shift

Councils are using demographic research information to target sections of the population to encourage them to access their services online. Many local authorities are using research tools to compile and analyse statistical information about their community. A report such as this one published on Kent County Council’s website contains a wealth of information that can provide insights enabling a local authority to direct certain resources to where they can be more effectively used.

By utilising this type of information, it is possible to determine for example, in which areas citizens are more likely to use the internet to conduct transactions. Knowing this, a council making a new or existing service available online can conduct a targeted marketing campaign online to ensure those most likely to use an online service know about it. Since an online transaction is potentially the cheapest method for a council to collect revenue, this would represent a step in the direction of efficiency.

Open Kent has published many demographic data sets on the population of Kent. Perhaps other public bodies, voluntary organisations or members of the public could use data like this to target their own customer base?

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