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Top 10 tips for promoting channel shift

In July I presented at the SOCITM Building Perfect Council Websites 11 (BPCW11) in London on the topic of Channel Shift. The presentation was entitled “Is Developing Channels more Important than Promoting Shift?” Although the event was aimed primarily at Local Government, many of the concepts I presented are relevant to both Central and GovernmentRead… Read more »

Councils using open data to encourage channel shift

Councils are using demographic research information to target sections of the population to encourage them to access their services online. Many local authorities are using research tools to compile and analyse statistical information about their community. A report such as this one published on Kent County Council’s website contains a wealth of information that canRead… Read more »

Managing the Shift from a ‘Push’ to a ‘Pull’ Information Economy

One of the two implications of the paradigm shift I wrote about was the movement from an information economy in which providers pushed out their content to one in which consumers pulled it into their feed. This movement started with the advent of RSS feeds and has hit a high point in link shortening andRead… Read more »