Digital World Village

Vision of Digital World Village

By – Srinidhi Boray (Ingine Inc)

By syndication of both content acquisition and in delivery, Federal information can be disseminated to broad array of devices, from broad array of sources.

eLearning & eEducation


Federal funded Visual Digital Themes

Invigorate ecosystem by intuitive themes

Invigorate tourism (tourist attraction & museum)

Effective dissemination of citizen information

Integrate government agencies and deliver important messages

Increase active citizen participation

Promote the culture of rendering governance at public place

Integrate public-private-consumer channels

Promote dialogue and transparencies

Advertise government achievements

Promote short films on art and culture

Demonstrate effective application of art & science

State funded Digital Theme

Similar themes as federal but more localized


Invigorate the environment

Diversity rich content

Promote curriculum

Develop dormant talent by showcasing art & science from all over the world, including real time events

Intuitive public address system and teaching aids


Medical Centers

Doctors Office


Shopping Malls / Outlets

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