Do you walk the talk?

Republished from eGovAU.

I have been having a few conversations over the last two days with a variety of web managers regarding the level of commitment by their organisations to their online channel.

The response has been mixed. Some have a great deal of support and resourcing, others have interest but no resourcing and others have neither interest nor support.

One of the differentiators appears to be the level and range of online activity by the web managers themselves. Those that model the behaviour that they want their organisation to exhibit appear to be more effective at achieving their goals, obtaining the resources and support they need.

In other words, they are walking the talk.

This is not a new or radical approach. When teaching children it is important to model the behaviours you wish them to emulate. Equally in workplaces executives are expected to model the conduct and attitudes that staff are expected to follow.

When executives model poor behaviours it is more likely that staff will similarly behave inappropriately as, by example, the executives have given them a license to do so.

My questions to you are:
Do you use the tools and mediums you wish your organisation to adopt?
And have you worked to encourage senior executives and your Minister’s office to model use of the online channel that you wish staff to emulate?

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