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Don’t Let Your Negativity Grow

Negativity grows like mold on cheese, and once it starts growing the only way to be rid of it is to cut it off. The environment in which we live has an impact with the way people think and behave. However, individually, a person can navigate their own thoughts and choices to rid themselves of negativity which will bring more satisfaction for work, home, and life. There are several steps for this type of mindset and it takes practice. Are you ready to change your negative life to become positive, happy, and successful?

Negativity feeds fear

Negativity led by fear keeps a person in a locked cage and unable to move forward. I hear a lot of complaining about how circumstances prevent jobs, promotions, and good relationships. Thinking, talking, and hearing unhappy thoughts push out good thoughts in your mind and hinders success. If you want to be positive, happy and successful, you need to take control of the way you think, talk and hear. You need to know what you want and where you want to go and leave negativity and complaining behind.

Events and how you perceive them

John Gordon author of The Energy Bus wrote: “We can’t control the events in our life but we can control how we perceive them and our perception and response to the events determine our outcome.” You choose how you respond, and your response will impact your life positively or negatively. There is no room for negativity, so get rid of it. If an event takes place and it’s not in your favor, be thankful for the opportunity it has given you. You may have to put some thought into it, but if you think hard enough, you will be surprised what you will come up with.

Sharing is caring

Share your new zest for life. Just as negativity will spread, so will positivity; both are contagious, so which do you want to spread? I have noticed negative people attract negative people and positive people attract positive people. When more positivity is spread, it will increase the quality of life, not only for us, but our environment, making it easier to live a more positive life.

Encourage others

Encourage the conflicted, by giving examples of how they can rethink their situation. For example, a while back someone was expressing the long hours they had to work at their job. I simply pointed out about how much extra money they were earning by working longer hours. The look I received in return was priceless, as the person never considered this positive outcome.

Support from others

People will want to be energized by your zest in life and this will be a step towards becoming successful. Being positive and encouraging others takes practice and is a life-long journey. Help others to stay positive by giving them our time, listening, recognizing, and bringing out the best in them. They will be encouraged by your thoughtfulness, compassion, belief, and the positivity will be transferred from you to them. They are now with you and support you in your endeavors in the home, at work, or in life.

Keep it going

We will be subjective to negative people spreading negativity throughout our life. To combat this, have your purpose in life firmly in place. Fill yourself with positive thoughts because there is no room for negativity. When challenges arrive in your life, turn them into opportunities. Have fun, love yourself, and love others.

Enjoy life and smile.

Angela Sheppard is a GovLoop Featured Contributor. She started working with the State Attorney’s Office 23 years ago. She first started as the receptionist and then progressed to the Diversion Program Director. While in her current position, she has shown initiative in community outreach activities, advocacy in prevention, and revitalizing programs. While working with the State, she has earned her Public Administration Master Degree, Certification as a Certified Florida Family Mediator, and a Graduate Certificate for Human Resource Policy Management. Angela spends her spare time volunteering as Board Chair with AMIKids, a non-profit school. She enjoys enrichment programs such as GovLoop.com and other educational media.

Gordon, Jon (2007). The Energy Bus.  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hobken, New Jersey


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