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When You Don’t Belong: Finding Your Place In The Government

Ever had a crisis of self? Ever thought “What am I doing here? If they look too closely, the will realize I am a fraud!” No? Just me? Well, it may not be you but it could be someone on your team. It could be a peer or, yes (gasp), even your boss. If it… Read more »

How to Save Yourself from Office Negativity

I love many things about my job. The agency has a meaningful and worthwhile mission that I believe in. I share a mutual respect with my supervisor. I enjoy real friendships with a few of my coworkers and professionally appreciate many more. There are perks to my job: I can work from home sometimes, I’mRead… Read more »

Is It Time For An Attitude Check?

I recently had a long conversation with a childhood friend whom I haven’t seen for almost five years. She’s had a rough go of life, so it was fantastic to hear how well she was doing – and how much of a positive shift her life had taken. She told me she’d been meditating daily,Read… Read more »