Estimating Social Media usage within a geographic area

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the adage ”go where the people go” if you want to connect with customers and service users. I believe it applies equally – if not more – in the virtual world, than the physical world.

I don’t pretend to be an expert – far from it – but because I keep on banging on about social media, colleagues have started asking me about it. One of the questions I really struggle with is: “what is the actual take-up of social media in Hampshire?” (which is where I live and work).

This is the first in what will probably turn in to a series of posts documenting my search for some answers. Read the rest of this post.

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Chris Cairns

That’s an interesting question on uptake in a specific region. What benefit will we gain from having the answer?

Mark Braggins

That’s a good question Chris.

It might help to know ‘where’ to go to engage with local people. For example, if a particular demographic you want to engage with favours a specific social platform, then it helps to know what that platform is. If we put lots of effort in to Twitter, but local people use Facebook, if might not be the best use of comms time updating Twitter (I don’t believe that, by the way).

Also, platforms come and go (e.g. Myspace) and it’s another pulse to keep our collective finger on. Facebook might be the current big thing, but nothing lasts forever and the next big thing might only be a couple of clicks away.