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Facebook usage: a local perspective

Continued from last time… In my previous post, I explained that I’m trying to gather data on the number of social media users within a geographic area. I’m basically attempting to answer the question: “what is the actual take-up of social media in Hampshire?” (which is where I live and work). All change The OfcomRead… Read more »

Estimating Social Media usage within a geographic area

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the adage ”go where the people go” if you want to connect with customers and service users. I believe it applies equally – if not more – in the virtual world, than the physical world. I don’t pretend to be an expert – far from it – but because IRead… Read more »

Why Government Agencies Use Private Cell Phone Number Databases?

As a database administrator, I have been working on various non-profit and for-profit projects in the past couple years. Recently, I have been managing a database for a reverse phone lookup company that helps discover the identities behind certain hard-to-find phone numbers, including unpublished mobile numbers. What I have noticed is that there are manyRead… Read more »