Fed Up With The Federal Government Hiring Process?

If you are like most other people that has applied for federal employment, you submitted your resume package for several government positions and may have got word back that you did not qualify – or in most cases, you did not hear anything.

Unlike the private sector in which the purpose of a resume is to get your foot in the door for an interview, the purpose of a federal resume is to tell the Human Resources (HR) Specialist that you meet at least the minimal qualifications and are therefore eligible to be considered for an interview. The simple fact of the matter is that the HR Specialist who reviewed your package had straightforward guidelines (Qualification Standards) to go by in order to determine whether or not to pass your package on to the hiring official for a potential interview. Unfortunately, while you may have been very qualified for the position, your resume package was either incomplete or did not adequately reflect the extent of your education, training, or experience.

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David Tyree

Your message is very relevant. Thank you for taking the time to post.

@Perry Perhaps Mr. Highland would be better served by your
critique if it were in a personal message rather than a petty flame.


40+ years after such was banned by Acts of Congress and presidential signatures, Federal agencies’ hiring personnel still despise labor laws and go for outdated old-dated old school shenanigans.
They still quietly and secretly, without fear of retribution, still practice illegal hiring discrimination–the color of your skin, the quality and price of clothes one wears, or the political party you engage with, detemines whether or not you obtain federal employment–NOT the content of one’s character or skills brought to the work table.