Get Ahead of the Curve with Cloud based Collaboration

According to analyst firm, Enterprise Strategy Group, the enterprise cloud based file sharing revolution is being driven not by IT, but by end users – individuals who need to access and share data across laptops, smart phones and tablets whenever the need may arise. And, it’s these individuals who often subscribe to consumer-based file sharing solutions on their own and then bring those tools into the enterprise to support business use – creating a data security nightmare for IT.

This situation has IT playing catch up, yet many organizations are hesitant to embrace cloud services. Why? ESG found that 43 percent of organizations are worried about data security and privacy concerns and 32 percent about giving up too much control. Ironically, without a proper file sharing solution in place, users are calling the shots, creating the same security risks and a lack of control that’s been holding them back from the cloud in the first place.

In a new white paper, Evaluating Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration Solutions, ESG advised organizations to find a single, secure file sharing and collaboration solution that they can confidently endorse and provides a checklist of what to ask during the due diligence process, including:Can we sync data across end point devices when offline?

  • • Can users easily search for files across synched directory trees?
  • • Can we support files of any size?
  • • Can we set group policies from a central dashboard?
  • • Is there Active Directory integration?
  • • Is it easy to de-provision accounts?
  • • Is data encrypted in transit and at rest?
  • • Are there remote wiping capabilities?
  • • Is the data center SAS 70 Type II certified?
  • • Is data replicated remotely in the event of site failure?

To help you make a smart investment that’s right for your company, download the complete recommended checklist today.

P.S. Accellion answers “yes” to all of the questions above.

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