How to Write a Pathways Federal Resume – Join the RoundTable tomorrow

Please join us on FedTalk Radio to discuss Pathway applications. I’ll be discussing the Federal Resume format that will be the best for current students and recent graduates!


January 25, 2013 — In 2011, the Office of Personnel Management proposed new rules that would help students and recent graduates obtain federal positions.

The Pathways Program replaced former internship and student-hiring programs in order to help the federal government recruit top talent from schools and universities.

This week on “FEDtalk”, host Jenny Mattingley will sit down with Tim McManus from the Partnership for Public Service, Stuart Heiser from the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, and Kathryn Troutman from The Resume Place to learn more about the Pathways programs and what the results have been like so far for student and recent graduate applicants.

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rick freitag

Do you have any sample resumes for Pathway Internship postings?
My son is Mechanical Engineering major looking for summer job.

Kathryn Troutman

Hi, yes, there are 7 samples in my most recent book for Pathways applications, Student’s Federal Career Guide, 3rd Ed., It is available on In fact, there are two samples in the book for Mechanical Engineers. Both of these new grads were hired by USACE. Kathryn Troutman

Maria Cristina

Hi Kathryn, I have prior active military experience and currently, I am army reserves. I summited an couple application and I did get back anything. I hear many things about how to fill the application online, some people said, long resumes are better for government jobs, its that true? Something, I would like to know as well is about of the description of my experience. Do I have to change my MOS description to its equivalent in the civilian? How we know if someone received my resume?
My husband applied more than twice and he did receive any answer. He has over 15 years of service he did more than 20 modifications to his resume thinking maybe the error is there. Both we are unemployed, it feels horrible thinking that even you service does not help you to find a job.
I will appreciate your comments and all your advices.
Thank you for your time.