Gov20 at SxSW

I’ll be leaving today for Austin, TX, and this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

As with most years, I’ve completely overbooked myself, but this is the double-edge sword of interesting conferences: there is more to do and see and hear than two eyes, two ears, and one brain can take in. I do plan to tweet quite extensively from the conference (follow @GBYehuda if you want to read about it [or unfollow if you don’t!]) and you can see my schedule here.

Some of the sessions I’m particularly excited about (though there is no way I can get to all of them):

  • Data Science: Decode Your Organization’s Data
  • Digital Divide or Sinkhole? Tech Famines in the US
  • Being Social with Grandma: Social Media for 50+
  • The Sharing Economy 2.0
  • Welcome to the Mobile Majority: Now What?
  • Here’s A Secret: We Need Anonymous Social Networks
  • Innovation in Action in the Developing World
  • Power & Privacy: What Superheroes Can Teach Us
  • Open Source Foreign Policy in the Digital Age
  • Nano Size Me: The Currency of Sharing
  • 3D Printing: Fueling the Manufacturing Renaissance
  • Hacking Entrepreneurship from Government
  • Smartphones to Healthphones: A Dr. in Your Pocket
  • Justice 2.0: Online Dispute Resolution
  • Is It Possible to Change Someone’s View Online?
  • The New Rules Of Innovation – Introducing The Digital Innovation Challenge
  • Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014
  • The World Bank & Innovation: Striking Poverty
  • Dive into Social Media Analytics
  • Feminism 2.0: Technology & Women’s Empowerment
  • Think Small About Big Civic Engagement Data
  • The Future of Government-Citizen Interaction
  • 7 Ways to Engage with the US State Department
  • Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points & Badges
  • What Is Your Mother Worth? (Reputation Economics)
  • Unstructure: Smashing the Boundaries of Data
  • Always Be Innovating: Thinking Like a Startup
  • Building Empathic Games for Healthy Outcomes
  • What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You
  • Man Up: Gender & the Work-Life Balance Debate
  • Five Ways Health Decisions Don’t Make Sense
  • Body Computing: The Future of Networked Humans
  • Reddit: You’re Doing It Wrong
  • Loyalty 3.0: Big Data + Motivation + Gamification Austin Convention Center Ballroom G
  • The Middle East’s Social Media Underground
  • How to Create a Makerspace in Your City

If you’re headed down to Austin, please find me, if not, I hope you enjoy my updates while I’m there.

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