Tired of Sneak Attacks?

Buried in the Senate Highway Bill (Amendment #1826 to S.1813) is a sneak attempt to extend the Pay Freeze imposed on Federal employees for yet another year!


According to it’s author, Senator Pat Roberts, “This amendment includes a special deficit reduction trust fund … <that> would contain the savings from the energy production incentives, the refundable child tax credit provision, and an extension of the existing federal employee pay freeze [emphasis added].” In other words, the pay freeze is intended to help fund the deficit reduction trust fund.

That’s his reasoning; what’s your take?

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Colleen Ayers

I’ve given up on hoping for a pay “thaw” anytime soon, and just keep praying they don’t take away the step increases!

Janina Rey Echols Harrison

‘Trust’ fund…..mmmmm I’m not feeling very trusting these days. As a citizen, not just a government worker, I feel like the people in the Vonage commercial where all the guys are running around in black, stealing everything in plain sight, even to the point where the woman takes off her jewelry, hands it to them, then thanks them. Does anyone else have the feeling that it isn’t just a Vonage commercial, but a comment on our times?