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Enable Technology-Powered Law Enforcement

It might seem counterintuitive that police departments are simultaneously trying to leverage more personal community relationships and deploying new technologies as means to decrease crime. Those two tactics seem like they would directly conflict with each other. In fact, a recent IBM report explains that investing in new technologies actually helps police departments better reachRead… Read more »

Government in 2015, According to Back to the Future II

Amid fantasies of hoverboards and self-lacing sneakers, Back to the Future II gives us a glimpse of what people in the 1980s thought government could achieve by 2015. As it turns out, many of those predictions were surprisingly prophetic. The 1989 movie begins with accidental teen hero Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travelling to theRead… Read more »

The Power of Predictive Policing in Surf City

When the term ‘predictive policing’ comes up, what movie immediately comes to mind? If you said The Minority Report you aren’t alone. According to Santa Cruz Deputy Chief of Policy Steve Clark, that’s a common reaction. In reality, the technology currently being tested by law enforcement today is just as fascinating as science fiction –Read… Read more »

Center Releases New Report: Mitigating Risks in the Application of Cloud Computing in Law Enforcement

This post was initially published by Dan Chenok at the IBM Center for the Business of Government Blog. Today, the IBM Center for The Business of Government is pleased to release the report, Mitigating Risks in the Application of Cloud Computing in Law Enforcement, by Paul Wormeli, Executive Director Emeritus, IJIS Institute. This report comesRead… Read more »

NYPD and Microsoft Create a Next Generation Law Enforcement Big Data Solution

With an emphasis on surveillance, evidence, and reporting, law enforcement is an extremely data-intensive field and the New York City Police Department, as the largest agency which deals with the largest American city, has the most data to handle. Lately, with the NYPD’s greater focus on counterterrorism and projects like the Lower Manhattan Security InitiativeRead… Read more »