Government Service Offers Opportunities In a Period of Economic Uncertainty

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Over the past few weeks, the news has been dominated by reports of economic decline. Even if American exports are up due to a weak U.S. dollar, it seems that the media and the American people are anticipating the worst: everywhere you turn there is fear – bank failures, an overheated housing market, high inflation and the list goes on. That news is enough to scare any recent graduate or employment seeker. However, for those of you contemplating public service, the time could never be better! There are three reasons why: job security, advancement opportunities and career development.

Government recruiters always tend to focus on the job security component. And given the uncertainty in today’s economy, its one of the best reasons to consider joining the federal workforce. Though most agencies require a probationary period or initial contract, once you’ve proven that you’re a productive member of your team and agency, you have a level of job assurance unmatched in the private sector. Not to say that it’s impossible to lose your job, as RIFs and voluntary early outs are always possible, but the dreaded pink slip generally does not rear its ugly head in the federal workforce.

Career advancement is the second reason for considering a public service career. Annual retirement rates likely surpass the annual rate of inflation! So have no fear, it’s a great time to join the federal workforce. In my organization, the U.S. Postal Service, and across the federal government, baby boomers in management positions are throwing in the towel faster than their critical positions can be filled. That means that management and leadership opportunities for Generation X and Y employees are more plentiful than at anytime EVER.

Finally, federal service offers developmental opportunities unmatched by the private sector. Of course, these depend greatly on the agency, but in an effort to recruit and retain the best and brightest, agencies are instituting tuition reimbursement programs, job rotations, and host of training programs for new employees to match up their talents with skills sets in great demand.

So to those of you considering federal service – now is the time! The private sector may be facing a host of challenges, but the public sector offers security, opportunity for advancement and developmental opportunities currently unrivaled by private employers.

Bruce Marsh

Chairman, YGL Strategic Planning

Photo Published Courtesy of Creative Commons License by Flickr user “Midorisyu”

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