GovLoop Poll of the Week Results for Week Ending 08/09/09

How Closely Do You Work with Contractors?

10% Never
32.5% Occasionally
42.5% Very Often
15.0% They Run Our Office

I would be interested to know how many different contractors are represented. The CDC works with a bunch of different ones, but I mostly work with Deloitte (formerly Bearing Point) and Northrop Grumman. I find that they are all pretty outstanding. Thoughts?

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Steve Radick

I work with contractors all the time, primarily with Booz Allen guys and they’re wonderful. Then again, I also work there, so I might be skewing these results a bit….. 🙂

Adam Arthur

@Steve Radick – No, I wouldn’t say you are skewing the results…it’s good to hear from the contractor’s perspective too!