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by admin The Future of UAVs- By Joshua Jacobs

Advancements in technology used to fight terrorism from Iraq to Afghanistan are not only a booming business, but a testament to how far these military contracted corporations are pushing the envelope. One such tool being implemented on the battlefield are UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicle(s). There are a number of reasons for the bullish effortRead… Read more »

Northrop Grumman CEO on Strengthening the Defense Industrial Base

According to Northrop Grumman CEO Wes Bush, the key to maintaining the U.S. defense industrial base, in a time of unparalleled threats and domestic economic challenges, lies in choosing key capabilities to support, and in easing export controls for defense companies. Over 600 attendees gathered at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on Friday, Feb.Read… Read more »

Lessons from Northrop Grumman Failure in Virginia?

This week witnessed one of the most dramatic government information technology failures ever, with an outage that paralyzed twenty six state government services for days in Virginia. The Department of Motor Vehicles was the most visible outage, leaving thousands of frustrated motorists and forcing law enforcement to relax enforcement to allow time for drivers’ licenseRead… Read more »

Today’s Cleared Job Fair is bustling … lots of cleared jobs seekers seeking that next big cleared gig!

Sharing some quick links to our Cleared Job Fair being held *right now* at the Double Tree Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia: Video: Cleared Job Fair in Crystal City, Virginia is getting busy!! US military professionals in career transition @ our Cleared Job Fair on April 8, 2010 Flickr TwitPic folks @ L3 CommunicationsRead… Read more »

GovLoop Poll of the Week Results for Week Ending 08/09/09

How Closely Do You Work with Contractors? 10% Never 32.5% Occasionally 42.5% Very Often 15.0% They Run Our Office I would be interested to know how many different contractors are represented. The CDC works with a bunch of different ones, but I mostly work with Deloitte (formerly Bearing Point) and Northrop Grumman. I find thatRead… Read more »