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New Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel’s Agenda: Implications for the Future of Federal IT

Is the new federal chief information officer, Steven VanRoekel, markedly different from his predecessor, Vivek Kundra? How will Kundra’s ambitious IT agenda fare under the leadership of a new CIO? How will VanRoekel’s leadership change the future of federal information technology, and the way the U.S. government works? Find out more in this issue briefRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Data Center Decisions

By Steve O’Keeffe As part of its data center decimation initiative, OMB lopped 137 off the server-farm census last week. There are many hard questions and decisions on the road ahead for the Federal data center community… Did OMB’s cuts take the total population from 2094 to 1957? Were these soft targets – wordRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Horse Built By Subcommittee?

By Steve O’Keeffe I’m a simple fellow. I’m easily confused. I’m easily distracted. When I read OMB’s 25-Point Plan to fix Fed IT my head hurt. 25 points. All with associated deadlines. The Almighty himself only had 10 – and no deadlines. Honor Thy Father and Mother – in six months. You Shall NotRead… Read more »

GovLoop Poll of the Week Results for Week Ending 08/09/09

How Closely Do You Work with Contractors? 10% Never 32.5% Occasionally 42.5% Very Often 15.0% They Run Our Office I would be interested to know how many different contractors are represented. The CDC works with a bunch of different ones, but I mostly work with Deloitte (formerly Bearing Point) and Northrop Grumman. I find thatRead… Read more »