Great Gov Tweets from this week.

We launched a new government Twitter dashboard called Great Gov Tweets this week. We build the dashboard every day by looking at every tweet sent by federally-managed twitter accounts two days before and then giving them scores based on retweets, favorites, and their audience size.

We do this to identify what kinds of government communication works best. We want to highlight great, effective, mission-driven usage of social media, and gathering data on so many tweets reveals the great diversity of communication across government.

Every week, I plan to pick a few great tweets from the dashboard and share them here with a little commentary.

Really cool opportunity for aspiring diplomats from the State Department:

A personal message from Secretary Kerry to President George W. Bush and Laura Bush following the 43rd president’s heart surgery:

The Curiosity Mars Rover celebrated one year on the Red Planet and shared this photo from its first moments on land. It’s still hard to believe that it survived those 7 minutes of terror. The mere existence of this photo is a testament to humanity’s ingenuity and verve and we have NASA to thank for it!

Some great news from the CDC about childhood obesity rates:

In case you forgot, the USFWS Refuge System reminded us that it’s bison calving season, and it’s adorable:

I absolutely love it when leaders are willing to share their personal insights and opinions with the public. It’s really cool to see Julie Brill, the commissioner of the FTC, share her deep expertise directly with the public:

Just facts from FAFSA. This is an excellent and straightforward use of Twitter by FAFSA to tell its own story and dispel any misunderstandings out there:

@NOAAFisheries wants you to have a happy shark week, or nightmares. I can’t tell which.

See more great tweets at Great Gov Tweets. If you have any questions about this service, shoot me an email at [email protected]

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